"The mainstream is not ready for Alex Stanilla." - Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

"Stanilla's voice has a unique tone that is difficult to compare but is capable of delivering some really strong writing." - Vicky Caswell, Thinking Lyrically

What is life but a series of chaotic events that heave onto us, into our minds with insight, laughter, sadness, fear, or happiness? Alex Stanilla’s solo project focuses on those moments of messy unknown - with a tendency of bubbling up (and over) in instrumental discordia and vocal disorder. 

Heavy with heart, longing, and fear - Stanilla’s project is the culmination of, as he says, “aiming to bring life to melody and death to order, cohesion and structure.” The Philadelphia, PA local musician has been active since 2015, but just recently put out years of cumulative work in his reissue of Qualia. He states, “It’s like making an experimental film, very little thought [goes into] how things should transpire, but [instead focusing on] going to the strangest places possible,” and Qualia exudes apathetic aesthetic like no other previous release from Stanilla.

The 11-track LP is a rework of tracks spanning from 2015 to 2019, and while it was originally recorded in 2017, Stanilla recorded the album again for its reissue with help from other Pennsylvania locals like Plead the Filth, or Kevin Wishard of Twenty/20 Audio. It floats along, asking questions and seeking answers, an instrumental cultivation of eerie, bedroom-y, and soft sounds. Vocals bring to life the moment of existence, whether it be cooing or barking, Stanilla commands his music methodically and with exact intent. 

FFO: The Postal Service, Matt & Kim, Bastille

Alex Stanilla

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