"The mainstream is not ready for Alex Stanilla." - Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru
"Stanilla's voice has a unique tone that is difficult to compare but is capable of delivering some really strong writing." - Vicky Caswell, Thinking Lyrically

Born abreast the embers of small town life, Alex Stanilla aims to provide densely interesting content for anyone daring enough to partake. A multi-instrumentalist and producer with a charming allure for melody and genre, Stanilla is likely to craft a tune that will draw listeners in and have them humming their way through their days, touched by the reverie of sweet, sweet melody. Stanilla's various recordings have an approachable, homely and handmade quality and it wouldn't be out of place to see costumes, moonwalking and seances of fallen rockstars at one of his live performances. Be sure to catch this artist at an obscure location in an off the radar town, playing his heart out for anyone within earshot.